Big News !

I am a little behind these days with my postings, and I’ll probably continue to be behind for awhile. Some great news has come our way that has set off a flurry of activity. Exactly two weeks ago, I received a phone call that I had been hoping and praying would come. Early in June, my wife and I had gone to Los Angeles to interview for a pastoral position in a wonderful and vibrant church. The phone call was from a representative of the congregation’s committee letting me know they wanted us. We are praising God for the opportunity to join with his people in Los Angeles in the service of our Savior! The house is littered with boxes and wrapping paper. Just yesterday we received news that our application for a rental house has gone through. We have a list with a thousand things to do before we can head out of North Carolina for California, but we are trusting in the Lord’s care for all of it. We just need to get packed and go!

6 thoughts on “Big News !

  1. Congratulations:
    Jack and Michelle
    We heard in Church that you got the congregation, we knew once they were touched by you they would not be able to deny you. Everyone at Church was really glad to hear the news.
    Bless Your Travels
    Kelly and Rose Carter

  2. Just talked with Tuey, my best friend from junior high, college buddy, fellow traveler to L’Abri Switzerland, China, and other travels.
    Welcome to ATLPC, my childhood church!
    Ward and I are faith-based volunteers (missionaries) living in Belfast with a permanent residence in Berkeley. We look forward to meeting you and Michelle during our next furlough. Marda (Quon) Stothers.

  3. I thought I had lost you to “somewhere out there”. It looks like I was wrong. : )
    I wish you well. I will miss you on campus but will keep in touch.
    Bob Lake

      • I think you did. I figured you were busy with Advent and then Lent. With Pentecost coming, you
        have no excuse. I took a koinea (spelling) Greek class this fall and spring. Greek is tough particularly if you don’t have any ability in foreign languages (I don’t). But it does force you
        to read the text very carefully. How is the book coming?

        Bob Lake

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