About Jack Davidson


I am very privileged to serve as Senior Pastor of Alhambra True Light Presbyterian Church in Alhambra, California. Before moving to Los Angeles, I served churches in Oregon and North Carolina. I have also taught courses on Christianity and American Religion at the university level. My Ph.D  (Religious Studies, Trinity Saint David, University of Wales, 2011) concentrates on the Bible and slavery controversy in 19th Century America. In addition to my dissertation, I have written numerous papers on the topic. Most recently, my article – “Slavery” – was published in the Oxford Encyclopedia of the Bible and Ethics.  I currently live in Pasadena. I enjoy reading, playing bass in a local band, listening to my wife play her viola, movies, and spin class.

Header Art: Christ among His Apostles, Catacomb of Domitilla, early 4th century

3 thoughts on “About Jack Davidson

  1. Dear Reverend Davidson,
    The hunt for informational treasure is a mysterious one. Please bear with me as I explain: Our home was owned, and possibly built by Eli Caruthers. We were delighted to read your article and learn of his collection at Duke. We are seeking more information about him, in the form of letters, perhaps. If you have any further information please contact us.

    • Hello! Thanks for your interest and for contacting me. All of Eli W. Caruthers’ papers are at Duke in their Special Collections Library. How wonderful to hear this news about your home and that it might have been built by Dr. Caruthers!

      • Dear Reverend Davidson,
        I viewed the collection at Duke last Saturday. I was impressed with the volume, and his prolific output and its wonderful quality. I was hoping to find letters, however, that might give some insight as to his domestic life, neighbors, friends, and what time period he may have occupied the house. I was interested to learn that he travelled extensively into Tennessee and returned north; helpful that he wrote where he presented the sermons and the date. I would be happy to send you a photograph of the house as well.Thank you so much for your quick reply! Virginia

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